Powermatic 1791801 Saw Parts

Powermatic 1791801  Saw Parts Image
Powermatic 1791801 Parts
PM1800, 18 Inch 5HP 3PH 230/460V Band Saw
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1791801-powermatic-PB-1 Breakdown Diagram
1791801-powermatic-PB-2 Breakdown Diagram
1791801-powermatic-PB-3 Breakdown Diagram
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Fig.Part #ImgPart NamePriceQty.
1-A JWBS18-135 "Hex Nut 5/8-18UNF $3.45
2-A PM1800-102 Flat Washer $3.45
3-A BB-6204VV Ball Bearing 6204LLU $34.88
4-A 20EVS-T44-1 C-Clip $3.45
4-A PM1800-104 Retaining Ring R47 $0.00Disc
5-A PM1800-105 Upper Wheel Shaft $54.20
6-A PM1800-106 Upper Wheel $217.48
7-A PM1800-107 Blade $60.20
8-A JWBS20QT-507 Upper Wheel Shaft Bracket $56.91
9-A PM2000-298 Safety Key for Magnetic Switch $36.92
10-A JWBS18-214 "Nylon Nut 5/8"-18UNF $3.45
11-A JWBS20QT-510 Upper Wheel Bracket Base $86.20
12-A JWBS18DX-133 Tire $27.23
13-A PM1800-113 Upper Door $166.15
14-A TS-2246122 Socket Head Button Screw M6x12 $3.45
15-A JWBS20-542 Door Stud $3.78
16-A TS-0561011 Hex Nut1/4-20 $3.45
17-A JWBS20QT-511 Bracket Shaft $10.10
18-A PM1800-118 Socket Head Button Screw 3/8-16x3/4 $3.45
19-A JWBS20QT-519 Plate $33.55
20-A JWBS20QT-520 Support Bracket $103.99
21-A JWBS20QT-516 Plate $17.80
22-A JWBS20QT-512 Elevator Bracket $49.16
23-A PM1800-123 Spring $14.50
24-A PM1800-124 Adjustment Screw $43.04
25-A PM1800-125 Blade Tension Arm Assembly $133.09
26-A PM1800-126 Tension Gauge Plate $28.80
27-A PM1800-127 Tension Gauge $3.45
28-A TS-0206021 Socket Head Cap Screw $3.45
29-A JWBS20QT-523 Rack $21.19
30-A TS-0254031 Socket Head Button Screw 1/4-20x5/8 $21.10
31-A PM1800-131 Tension Pointer $13.40
32-A JWBS20QT-549 Gear Wheel $13.40
33-A JWBS20QT-548 Scale Shaft $9.00
34-A PM1800-134 Handle $58.25
35-A TS-0270031 Set Screw $3.45
36-A TS-0254021 Socket Head Button Screw 1/4-20x1/2 $6.25
37-A JWBS18DXA-152 Switch Plate $25.50
38-A PM1800-138 "Magnetic Switch 5HP $118.35
00 PM2000-293B "Magnetic Switch 5HP $135.03
00 PM2000-293C "Magnetic Switch 5HP $137.94
39-A PM1800-139 Saw Body $1,247.13
40-A TS-0680041 Flat Washer $5.70
41-A TS-0060071 Hex Cap Screw 3/8-16x1-1/2 $38.96
42-A PM1800-142 Lock Handle $18.90
43-A PM1800-143 Lock Knob $43.04
44-A PM1800-144 Tension Status Label $3.45
45-A TS-0560071 Hex Nut#10-24 $3.45
46-A TS-0720051 Lock Washer #10 $3.45
47-A TS-0680011 Flat Washer#10 $3.45
48-A JWBS18DX-147 Tracking Window $5.59
49-A TS-0810012 Round Head Slotted Machine Screw #10-24x1/4 $3.45
50-A TS-0270051 Socket Set Screw 5/16-18x1/2 $3.45
51-A PM1800-151 Handwheel $58.20
52-A JWBS20QT-515 Thrust Bearing $3.45
53-A PM1800-153 Socket Head Cap Screw 1/4-20x1/4 $3.45
54-A TS-0680021 Flat Washer $3.45
55-A PM1800-155 Sliding Plate $20.58
56-A TS-081C022 Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw#10-24x3/8 $6.25
1-B JWBS20-22 Hex Nut3/4-16 UNF LH $4.33
2-B TS-0680091 Flat Washer3/4 $3.45
3-B PM1800-201 Poly-V Belt 370J $36.92
4-B PM1800-204 Spindle Pulley $138.91
5-B PM1800-205 Brake Wheel $36.92
6-B JWBS20-49 Key 7x7x25 $3.45
7-B PM1800-207 Key 7x7x70 $3.45
8-B PM1800-208 Lower Shaft $50.39
9-B TS-0270051 Socket Set Screw 5/16-18x1/2 $3.45
10-B PM1800-210 Motor Pulley $54.20
11-B JWBS18DX-133 Tire $27.23
12-B JWBS20-201 Bearing Base $61.66
13-B JWBS20-62 Adjusting Bolt $7.35
14-B TS-0720091 Lock Washer $3.45
15-B TS-0060071 Hex Cap Screw 3/8-16x1-1/2 $38.96
16-B BB-6206VV Ball Bearing6206LLU $41.55
17-B JWBS20-214 Nylon Lock Hex Nut 3/4-16 UNF RH $4.60
18-B JWBS20-215 Bearing Cover $7.63
19-B TS-0720071 Lock Washer 1/4 $3.45
20-B JWBS20-217 Hex Cap Screw 1/4-20x3/8 $3.45
21-B TS-0680031 Flat Washer5/16 $5.70
22-B TS-0081031 Hex Cap Screw 5/16-18x3/4 $3.45
23-B PM1800-223 Dust Chute $48.55
24-B PM1800-224 Lock Knob $52.20
25-B TS-081C052 Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw #10-24x3/4 $3.45
26-B PM1800-226 Lower Dust Chute $48.55
27-B TS-0255061 Button Head Socket Screw $3.45
27-B PM1800-227 Socket Head Button Screw 5/16-18x1 $0.00Disc
28-B PM1800-134 Handle $58.25
29-B PM1800-229 Motor Protector Plate $10.10
30-B PM1800-230 Motor (includes #PM1800-229) 1Ph $713.15
00 JWBS20QT-218MF Motor Fan (not shown) 5HP $12.30
00 JWBS20QT-218MFC Motor Fan Cover (not shown) 5HP $24.40
00 PM1800-230SC "Starting Capacitor (not shown)400MFD $55.55
00 JWBS20QT-218RC "Running Capacitor (not shown)50?f $56.46
00 JWBS20QT-218CC Capacitor Cover (not shown)…………… $10.10
00 JWBS20QT-218JB Junction Box (not shown) $5.70
00 VBS18MW-218JBC Junction Box Cover (not shown) $6.80
00 JWBS20QT-218CS Centrifugal Switch (not shown) $20.51
00 PM1800-230A Motor (includes #PM1800-229) 3Ph $561.54
31-B TS-0270031 Set Screw $3.45
32-B PM1800-232 Lock Handle $36.92
33-B TS-0060051 Hex Cap Screw 3/8-16x1 $3.45
34-B PM1800-234 Motor Handle $23.30
35-B PM1800-235 Lower Front Door $178.78
36-B PM1800-236 Lower Wheel $168.25
37-B PM1800-237 Bushing $5.70
38-B PM1800-238 Bushing $5.70
39-B PM1800-239 Brake Locking Bracket $26.60
40-B TS-0090061 Hex Cap Screw 3/8-16x1-1/4 $3.45
41-B TS-0640091 Nylon Nut $6.80
41-B PM1800-241 Nylon Lock Hex Nut 3/8-16 $0.00Disc
42-B TS-081C032 Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw #10-24x1/2 $5.70
43-B PM1800-243 Shelf $9.00
44-B TS-0680011 Flat Washer#10 $3.45
45-B TS-0560071 Hex Nut#10-24 $3.45
46-B JWBS18DX-249 Insert Block $3.45
47-B TS-081C082 Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw #10-24x1-1/2 $3.50
48-B JWBS18-240 Brush $7.63
49-B TS-0720051 Lock Washer #10 $3.45
50-B PM1800-250 Foot Brake $81.20
51-B PM1800-251 Plate $9.00
52-B TS-081C022 Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw#10-24x3/8 $6.25
53-B PM1800-253 Strain Relief $7.90
54-B PM1800-254 Motor Cord $35.08
55-B JWBS20QT-244 Power Cord 1Ph $56.58
00 PM1800-255A Power Cord 3Ph $49.16
56-B TS-2246122 Socket Head Button Screw M6x12 $3.45
57-B TS-0561011 Hex Nut1/4-20 $3.45
58-B JWBS20-542 Door Stud $3.78
59-B TS-0680021 Flat Washer $3.45
60-B TS-0050021 Hex Cap Screw 1/4-20x5/8 $3.45
61-B TS-0010061 Hex Cap Screw 1/4-20x1-1/4 $3.78
62-B JWBS24-81A Plate $3.45
63-B PM1800-263 Brake Belt $7.13
64-B PM1800-264 Brake Band $36.92
65-B PM1800-265 Bushing $4.60
66-B PM1800-266 Foot Brake Cover $47.12
67-B TS-0050011 Hex Cap Screw 1/4-20x1/2 $3.45
68-B TS-0640091 Nylon Nut $6.80
69-B TS-0680041 Flat Washer $5.70
70-B PM1800-270 Brake Locking Bracket $7.90
71-B PM1800-271 Bushing $5.70
72-B PM1800-272 Rubber Block $3.45
73-B JWBS20-84 Spring $6.53
74-B JWBS20-88 Limit Switch $46.10
75-B TS-1540021 Hex Nut $3.45
76-B TS-2284302 Phillips Pan Head Machine ScrewM 4x30 $3.45
77-B TS-0561031 Hex Nut $5.70
78-B PM1800-278 Key 7x7x60 $3.45
79-B TS-0680091 Flat Washer3/4 $3.45
80-B TS-0051071 Hex Cap Screw 5/16-18x1-1/2 $3.45
81-B PM1800-281 Wire for Limit Switch (not shown) $11.20
82-B PM1800-BA "Brake Assembly (index # 42 $51.13
1-C JWBS20-326 C-Ring S15 $4.33
2-C JWBS20-329 Upper Shaft $9.88
3-C BB-6202ZZ Ball Bearing $20.55
4-C JWBS20-328 Spacer $10.65
5-C JWBS18DX-363 Nut $3.45
6-C TS-0267021 Set Screw $3.45
7-C PM1800-307 Locking Screw $20.00
8-C JWBS20-349 Thumb Knob $4.33
9-C TS-1521011 Socket Set Screw M4x4 $3.45
10-C JWBS18DX-459 C-Ring $3.45
10-C PM1800-310 C-Ring S-10 $0.00Disc
11-C PM1800-311 Retaining Ring R-26 $3.45
12-C BB-6000ZZ Ball Bearing 6000ZZ $27.69
13-C PM1800-313 Bearing Holder $19.76
14-C PM1800-314 Bearing Support $20.22
15-C TS-2245202 Socket Head Button Screw M5x20 $3.45
16-C PM1800-316 Key 5x5x40 $3.45
17-C PM1800-317 Bearing Support Shaft $18.54
18-C TS-0270051 Socket Set Screw 5/16-18x1/2 $3.45
19-C PM1800-319 Guide Bar Bracket $66.35
20-C TS-0270131 Socket Set Screw 5/16-18x2 $3.45
21-C 6295297 Adjustment Knob $6.25
22-C PM1800-322 Bar $166.55
23-C PM1800-323 Scale $17.80
24-C PM1800-324 Blade Guard $108.84
25-C PM1800-325 Magnet $6.80
26-C TS-0680031 Flat Washer5/16 $5.70
27-C TS-0561021 Hex Nut 5/16-18 $5.70
28-C JWBS20-360 Bracket $18.90
29-C TS-0208031 Socket Head Cap Screw 5/16-18x5/8 $3.45
30-C PM1800-330 Shaft $14.83
31-C TS-0255031 Socket Head Button Screw 5/16-18x5/8 $3.45
32-C PM1800-332 Plate $16.91
33-C JWBS18-309 C-Ring R12 $3.45
34-C JWBS18-310 Shaft $4.33
35-C JWBS18-311 Gear $12.92
36-C JWBS18-306 E-Ring E-8 $3.45
37-C JWBS18-308 Bushing $3.45
38-C JWBS18-307 Gear Base $25.96
39-C JWBS18-305 Worm $21.29
40-C TS-0208071 Socket Head Cap Screw 5/16-18x1-1/4 $3.45
41-C TS-0255021 Socket Head Button Screw 5/16-18x1/2 $3.45
42-C JWBS18DX-304 Guide Bar Bracket $70.20
43-C JWBS18DX-338 Base $35.90
44-C PM1800-344 Thumb Knob $10.10
45-C PM1800-345 Lock Handle $26.60
46-C TS-0207021 Socket Head Cap Screw 1/4-20x1/2 $3.45
47-C PM1800-347 Pointer $13.40
48-C TS-081F052 Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw 1/4-20x3/4 $3.45
49-C PM1800-224 Lock Knob $52.20
50-C TS-0267041 Set Screw $3.45
51-C PM1800-351 Handwheel $50.69
52-C 3520B-126 Swivel Handle $16.50
53-C TS-0270031 Set Screw $3.45
54-C PM1800-354 Lock Knob $43.04
55-C TS-0051051 Hex Head Bolt 5/16-18x1 $3.45
56-C TS-0720081 Lock Washer 5/16 $3.45
57-C JWBS20-355 Lock Bushing $3.45
58-C TS-0207021 Socket Head Cap Screw 1/4-20x1/2 $3.45
59-C PM1800-359 Knob $5.70
60-C TS-0680021 Flat Washer 1/4 $3.45
61-C JWBS18DX-362 Adjusting Bracket $26.60
62-C JWBS18DX-361 Adjusting Screw $8.42
63-C JWBS18DX-360 Shaft $3.78
64-C PM1800-364 Lower Shaft $7.90
65-C TS-0207041 Socket Head Cap Screw 1/4-20X3/4 $3.45
66-C JWBS20-339 Threaded Lock Bushing $3.45
67-C JWBS18DX-337 Bracket $15.60
68-C JWBS20-340 Bolt $6.53
69-C PM1800-369 Bearing Support Shaft $7.90
70-C PM1800-370 Sliding Plate $21.32
71-C PM1800-371 Upper Guide Bracket $51.20
72-C TS-0267021 Socket Set Screw 1/4-20x1/4 $3.45
1-D 6430055 Handle $10.09
2-D 3215301 Lock Plate $16.15
3-D 6626031 Spring Pin $24.40
4-D 6813042 Spring $11.48
5-D TS-0640081 Nylon Lock Hex Nut 5/16-18 $3.45
6-D TS-0640071 Nylon Lock Hex Nut 1/4-20 $3.45
7-D 3575080 Pad $4.88
8-D TS-0271031 Socket Set Screw 3/8-16x3/8 $3.45
9-D 3076232 Lock Handle $11.19
10-D TS-0152031 Carriage Bolt 5/16-18x1-1/2 $3.45
11-D PM1800-411 Socket Head Button Screw 1/4-20x1-1/4 $3.45
12-D XF-5 Nylon Adjustment Screw $3.78
13-D TS-081D021 Phillips Flat Head Machine Screw #10-32x3/8 $3.45
14-D JPSF1-108 CURSOR $4.34
14-D 800708950D Cursor $0.00Disc
15-D 800708950C Cursor Bracket $3.45
16-D TS-081D022 Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw #10-32x3/8 $5.70
17-D PM1800-417 Resaw Pin Lock Knob $43.04
18-D TS-0720051 Lock Washer #10 $3.45
19-D TS-0560081 Hex Nut #10-32 $3.45
20-D PM1800-420 Fence Body $159.47
21-D PM1800-421 Knob $27.13
22-D PM1800-422 Lock Bar $30.80
23-D 6295181 Sliding Pad $3.45
24-D TS-0561011 Hex Nut1/4-20 $3.45
25-D TS-0680021 Flat Washer $3.45
26-D TS-0720071 Lock Washer 1/4 $3.45
27-D PM1800-427A Table (for serial no 081218000016 and higher) $513.09
00 PM1800-427 Table (for serial no 081218000015 and lower) $513.09
28-D PM1800-428 Aluminum Resaw Fence $100.20
29-D PM1800-429 Resaw Pin $73.55
30-D TS-0081031 Hex Cap Screw 5/16-18x3/4 $3.45
31-D TS-0733051 Lock Washer 5/16 14 $3.45
32-D TS-0680031 Flat Washer5/16 $5.70
33-D PM1800-433 Front Rail $59.20
34-D TS-081C022 Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw#10-24x3/8 $6.25
35-D PM1800-435 Shaft $5.15
36-D PM1800-436 Worm $33.25
37-D PM1800-437 Sheath $3.45
38-D PM1800-438 Stop Bolt $14.50
39-D TS-0561031 Hex Nut $5.70
40-D TS-0680041 Flat Washer $5.70
41-D PM1800-441 Taper Pin $6.80
42-D TS-2246122 Socket Head Button Screw M6x12 $3.45
43-D PM1800-443 Gear $27.23
44-D PM1800-444 Wrench Assembly $14.50
45-D PM1800-445 Spring Pin 3x10 $3.45
46-D PM1800-446 Guide Rail $108.84
47-D 6295184 Scale $14.83
48-D PM1800-448 Table Insert $31.82
49-D TS-1521011 Socket Set Screw M4x4 $3.45
50-D PM1800-450 Rear Rail $36.92
00 PM1800-MGA "Miter Gauge Assembly (Item 32 $90.20
51-D PM1800-451 Handle $9.00
52-D 6295167 Miter Gauge Body $49.16
53-D 6295168 Pin $3.45
54-D 6295169 Pointer $3.45
55-D JJP12-103 Socket Set Screw $3.45
55-D PM1800-455 Socket Set Screw M8x6 $0.00Disc
56-D 6295171 Stop Block $3.78
57-D TS-1540031 Hex Nut $3.45
58-D TS-1533062 Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw $3.45
59-D PM1800-459 Miter Bar $43.04
60-D 6295163 Guide Disc $3.45
61-D PM1800-461 Flat Head Screw M6x9 $0.00Disc
61-D PM2000-327 Flat Head Machine Screw $3.45
62-D PM1800-462 Pin 3x6 $3.45
63-D TS-0254031 Socket Head Button Screw 1/4-20x5/8 $21.10
64-D PM1800-464 Plate $27.26
65-D TS-0254021 Socket Head Button Screw 1/4-20x1/2 $6.25
66-D PM1800-466 Lower Blade Guard $50.60
67-D PM1800-467 C-Ring S17 $0.00Disc
67-D 2013-261 C-Ring $3.45
68-D 2013-270 Bevel Gear $7.79
69-D 2013-275 Bushing $7.79
70-D PM1800-470 Shaft $17.25
71-D PM1800-471 Carriage Bolt $19.76
72-D PM1800-472 Front Trunnion $99.20
73-D TS-0270061 Socket Set Screw 5/16-18x5/8 $3.45
74-D 2013-259 Rear Trunnion $98.51
75-D PM1800-475 Angle Scale Plate $80.20
76-D 9049821 Screw, Flat Head Cap $3.45
76-D TS-0246031 Flat Head Screw 5/16-18x3/4 $0.00Disc
77-D TS-0680061 Flat Washer $3.45
78-D 6295158 Lock Handle $36.31
79-D TS-081C022 Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw#10-24x3/8 $6.25
80-D TS-0680011 Flat Washer#10 $3.45
81-D 6295155 Pointer $3.45
82-D 2013-203 Table Bracket $124.35
83-D TS-0680041 Flat Washer $5.70
84-D TS-0720091 Lock Washer $3.45
85-D TS-0060051 Hex Cap Screw 3/8-16x1 $3.45
86-D 3520B-126 Swivel Handle $16.50
87-D TS-0270051 Socket Set Screw 5/16-18x1/2 $3.45
88-D PM1800-488 Handwheel $60.20
89-D 6286478 C-Snap Ring $7.63
89-D PM1800-489 C-Ring S12 $0.00Disc
90-D PM1800-490 Gear Bracket $60.20
91-D TS-0267021 Set Screw $3.45
92-D 2013-265 Bearing Cover $3.78
93-D BB-6002ZZ Ball Bearing6002ZZ $32.84
94-D TS-0208071 Socket Head Cap Screw 5/16-18x1-1/4 $3.45
95-D 2013-267 C-Ring S15 $3.45
96-D 2013-284 Key 3x3x8 $3.45
97-D PM1800-497 Worm Shaft $28.25
98-D PM1800-498 Scale $7.90
99-D TS-0810012 Round Head Slotted Machine Screw #10-24x1/4 $3.45
100-D PM1800-FA "Fence Assembly (index # 1 thru 26 $194.94
101-D PM1800-MGA "Miter Gauge Assembly (Item 32